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Today, governments worldwide are challenged by increased citizen demand for service, combined with pressure to do more with less and to use electronic government channels to speed the delivery of services. These drivers - along with the growing need for government departments to function more securely and effectively - shape the reality facing governments at all levels.

HP Enterprise Services' primary objective is to enable governments to focus on their core missions and become more agile. Frequently this goal is achieved in collaboration with small business. HP engages small business, not only as a government contracting requirement, but also in the spirit of good citizenship and growing America's economy. The end result is a win-win situation for all involved, while adding value to our government clients with innovative solutions.

In order to effectively collaborate with small businesses, HP Enterprise Services maintains the U.S. Public Sector Small Business Office. The following information briefly outlines the process for small businesses to engage with HP Enterprise Services.

Pre-engagement Considerations

Prior to engaging HP Enterprise Services, be prepared to address the following points:

  • Strong differentiation - The key to business success is a competitive advantage, which enables clear and meaningful differentiation of your offering. The same applies when working with HP Enterprise Services. You will be asked to provide a company presentation, capabilities document, white paper and/or other relevant documents to illustrate this point.
  • Innovative Service/Product - Another important point is to demonstrate that your service or product is innovative. This will enable HP Enterprise Services to differentiate you from the competition.
  • Federal, State or Local Government Experience - In the competitive IT market, HP Enterprise Services program managers are constantly seeking small businesses with experience within federal, state or local agencies. If your small business has an existing relationship within a government agency we support and can help HP Enterprise Services better serve this organization, be sure to highlight this in your presentation.
  • New Leads - HP Enterprise Services encourages small businesses to search out new leads and opportunities and bring them forward.
  • Start Early - The best way to get involved with HP Enterprise Services is at the front end of the procurement cycle. It is during the pre-solicitation phase that HP Enterprise Services looks for small businesses with an understanding of an agency's current environment, both technical- and sector-specific, as well as its management. The HP Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector team typically bids on full and open solicitations, concentrating on enterprise-wide solutions and/or infrastructure support.

There are several ways to investigate procurement opportunities. Some useful Web sites for this purpose are: www.dodbusopps.com; www.govcon.com; www.fedbizopps.gov; www.input.com and www.fedsources.com.

Please contact the HP Enterprise Services Small Business Office if you have any questions regarding the above information.

The Process

As a small business seeking opportunities in the federal marketplace, it is important to do the following:

  1. Obtain a DUNS number and register in the System for Award Management (SAM) website.

    If you do not have a DUNS number, contact Dun and Bradstreet (www.dnb.com) to obtain one. To register on the SAM go to https://www.sam.gov/. SAM is a Federal Government owned and operated free web site that consolidates the capabilities in CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.

  2. Register for the Small Business Administration (SBA) Dynamic Small Business Search at https://www.sam.gov/.

    The SBA manages the Dynamic Small Business Search database of small business concerns. The Dynamic Small Business Search database is an Internet-based database for and about small businesses used by federal government buying offices as well as many large DoD prime contractors.

  3. Register on the HP Enterprise Services U.S. Government Solutions Small Business site, following the steps detailed below.

    Registering on this site is important since it allows HP Enterprise Services to search for teaming partners with skill sets matching our requirements as new opportunities arise.

Register With HP Enterprise Services

  1. To begin, select "Register your Company" below.
  2. Once registered, your small business information will be available for HP Enterprise Services business teams to search as new business and teaming opportunities arise.
  3. Be sure to save your password so you can update your capabilities and business information.
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Please note that completion of the registration form is for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes an agreement or an intent to enter into an agreement with HP Enterprise Services.

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