The HP Difference

"The mission of the HP Enterprise Services Mentor-Protégé Program is to prepare our Protégé firms to evolve to the next level - whether that is to become a large business, a midsize business, or a streamlined small business filling a particular niche. We are dedicated to achieving this goal, and we will provide our highest level of effort toward this end and all it entails."

Deborah Jackson-Hamilton
Program Manager

HP Enterprise Services Mentor-Protégé Program

Goals for Measuring Success

  • Up-to-date strategic plans
  • Human resources infrastructure
  • Repeatable proposal development process
  • Corporate web site
  • HP program management training
  • Technical and process improvement training
  • Protégé growth

The HP Enterprise Services Mentor-Protégé Program (M-PP) is a nationally recognized, award-winning program. The HP program is designed to deliver results. In addition to providing technical infrastructure training and enhancements, HP will bring to bear the "HP difference." This difference is the way in which HP takes the basic objectives of the Mentor-Protégé relationship to the next level, where it becomes a strategic partnership. For instance, instead of just providing training classes for Protégé firm employees, HP also provides a subject matter expert to support the Protégés in fully integrating the mentoring initiatives, yielding maximum proficiency. This additional assistance is a fundamental part of the HP Enterprise Services M-PP.

HP will leverage its internal expertise and its Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) partners to deliver the highest quality of mentoring services. Additionally, HP employs many other innovative mentoring techniques to support the Protégé. The HP M-PP is results driven. To this end, HP has high expectations of its Protégés. These expectations are clearly defined before a small business is selected to participate in the HP program. We are building strategic partnerships that require joint commitment and yield reciprocal benefits.

Program Philosophy

Mentor-Protégé is not a hard science; it is a results-based program powered by energy, initiative, and creativity. The Mentor-Protégé relationship must be flexible and dynamic.

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